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Frank Pergande, vice-chairman has written a book about his favourite character in german history: Frederick the Great. Pergande readily answers 50 questions about the King of Prussia; in particular the question Fredericks greatness. Pergande is investigating of whether Frederick was happy only in Rheinsberg, as he himself alleged; whether Frederick suited as philosopher; why he did Goethe down; and whether it is true that Frederick was preussian-economical or even mean. Frank Pergande dedicates himself to the little-known treaty that Frederick had had negotiated with America. He outlines the long journey of Frederick´s coffin until the last will of the great king was finally adhered to. The book was written on the occasion of Frederick the Great's 300th birthday.

Frank Pergande: „Die 50 wichtigsten Fragen: Friedrich der Große“, Bucher-Verlag, München 2011, 142 Seiten, gebunden, 17,95 Euro